our ecological footprint

our starting point: the CO2 footprint.

Because reducing our CO2 emissions is one of the priorities of our “Joint step in the right direction plan”, we calculated our CO2 footprints in 2022 and 2023. Download our Energy Management Plan 2023 and our Participation plan. We strive to reduce our energy consumption and opt for more sustainable alternatives that are beneficial to the environment. In addition, it is our objective to make our employees aware of and fully involved in the sustainable changes that are being implemented within the company.

Our three

BSST develops and produces state of the art personal protective clothing and equipment for firefighters, military personnel, the police and industry. We ensure safety to our end users by supplying the best personal protective clothing and equipment on the market. We provide products made of high performance materials supplied by well established companies, to make sure we meet all relevant norms and standards in the respective markets.


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